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Friday, 23 March 2012 13:07

The Queen Mother

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The culture of Tooro has naturally put the position of Queen Mother at the helm of responsibilities in the Kingdom. I would like to share my special position much unique from being a Queen Mother per se. Tooro Kingdom under His Majesty King Oyo experienced an unprecedented situation of being ruled by a child King    of three years after the demise of King Olimi Mathew Kaboyo II in 1995. Sincerely a lot of mystery and speculations surrounded the kingdom you may not imagine what my mind was going through at the time: the smooth continuity of the Tooro legacy under King Oyo who was infant that had to be espoused through the regency was the state of affairs. Culturally and morally, it was incumbent on me to ensure direction of this scenario. I owe unceasing glory to the almighty God who has made it possible that we now can celebrate and rejoice when King Oyo is majority and so is my in debt appreciation  to all persons and the people of Tooro for their complimentary roles in raising the King; may God bless you all

In the modern times unlike the hazy past experiences of women, the woman bears responsibility to ensure equilibrium of social -cultural and economic wellbeing of a family. As wide as it is so is the duty of o woman particularly in Tooro from moral conduct of a family, production for food security and surplus for sale, making available the necessities of a homestead, and a tall task of changing the cultural past to equal opportunities of the male and female children through an equitable advocacy for the education and empowerment of the girl child to bridge the gap. Am happy the women in Tooro have taken a greater stride of course with mutual compliance with their spouses and a significant development is registered with gaps and limitations posing a challenge to you and I to merge these gaps in every possible intervention {*besps}simpleslideshow{/besps*}

My office has complimented these efforts under the umbrella organization Tooro Kingdom Women Association (TOKIWA) which is an ideal vehicle for the emancipation of women in Tooro and the entire peoples of Tooro.
Being a Queen Mother is not less than being a patron to the various good intentioned associations in the Kingdom with developmental objectives that are people centered. Broad it is that deserves concerted effort hence avails an automatic welcome to well intentioned people and organizations to team up with the office of the Queen Mother in realizing a mission of revitalizing culture and rediscovering the potentials of the women of Tooro. There are no borders to the women of Tooro and no borders to your intervention and making a difference to the community

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HRH Ruth Komuntale the Batebe of Tooro would like to share my special position much unique from being a Queen Mother per se In the modern times unlike.Sometime around 1450 A.D, four brothers including a pair of twins, crossed the River Nile from North, entered Bunyoro and established what is came to be known as the Babiito Dynasty. Their mother, Nyatworo, was an Acholi and their father, Kyomya, was the last of the Bachwezi dynasty.

When they arrived in Bunyoro, They found a county without a ruler or King. Not contented with the small size of Bunyoro. The brothers dispersed. The second of the brothers and the older of the twins, Rukidi Mpuga, become the Omukama of Bunyoro. The second of the twins, Kato Kimera, founded the Kingdom of Buganda. Third, Kiiza, planted his roots in Busoga. The oldest Nyarwa, become the head of Bunyoro princes. That was the origin of the interlacustrine or the Great lakes region Kingdoms.

Around the mid-nineteenth century, Omukama Kyemba Nyamutukura was the ruler of Bunyoro Empire. His rule was a long one, and according to tradition, when a king had ruled for long time, he did not fight internal wars. The king had fathered many sons and daughters. On one occasion, he sent one of the favorite sons, Prince Kaboyo, to look after his affairs in today’s Tooro Kingdom. When the son arrived there, he cultivated favor with many of the king's Chiefs who expressed discontent concerning the king’s long reign and ineffective control of the Kingdom affairs. They convinced him to rebel against his father and form a break-away kingdom. The king did not declare war on his son. In fact, he said that prince Kaboyo should be handled carefully because he suffered from a weak chest! Those were the origins of today’s Tooro Kingdom

The kingdom of Tooro came into being about 1830 when the then prince Olimi Kaboyo 1 carried out successful secession fro Bunyoro-Kitara empire, which was under his father. since then the kingdom has gone through the hands of eleven Kings. The kingdom had initially been part of the Bunyoro-Kitara Empire, which at one time covered the western axis up to Karagwe in Tanzania. The real origin is not known but the Batembuzi started it, followed by the Bachwezi and later on by the Babito who are the current rulers of Bunyoro,Buganda, Toro and Busoga