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Saturday, 26 May 2018
The Uganda Press

The Uganda Press

the Ugandapress is the leading online newspapers in uganda which lastest news and gossip throughout the world.

Website URL:

Module Variations

Below this article you can see basic suffixes used in this template (at positions bottom1-bottom4). Please remember about using space at beginning of suffix name in module options.

Suffix clear is used usually in header positions for Image Show and GK Tab modules.

Please remember that if you have a module News Show Pro then you have to set suffix nsp for that module - this suffix adds relative positioning to main module container which is necessary for correct module interface positioning.

Additional suffixes available for News Show Pro GK1 module:

  • nsp_nm - useful when you have disable module title and you want to set article title in place of module title
  • nsp_st - small titles in the module
  • nsp_st - big titles in the module

For GK Tab module you can use color suffixes: red, green, blue, neutral.

Modules in header

In header you can use 4-columns layout with positions:

  • header_1
  • header_2
  • header_3
  • header_4

If you want to use an image in that positions we recommend to use mod_custom module with suffix clear.

Additionaly for mod_custom module we've prepared special classes for h4, p and a.readon elements: if you add class header_art to these elements then you'll get layout similar to article intro used in Image Show module.

Photoslide header

Description of options available in Image Show implementation for this template:

  • show_list - (true/false) enable/disable showing of articles list
  • list_title_small - (string) defines first smaller part of articles list title
  • list_title_big - (string) defines second bigger part of articles list title
  • list_char_count - (integer) defines maximal amount of chars in articles list item
  • list_text_overflow - (string) text which is added at end of every articles list item longer than list_char_count value
  • image_position - (right/left) - position of Image Show image.
  • list_position - (left/right) - position of articles list
  • art_width - (integer in range 1-100) - width (in percents) of article block. Articles list block width is adjusted automatically.
  • title - (true/false) - enable/disable title of an article
  • title_link - (true/false) - enable/disable link in title of an article
  • clean_xhtml - (true/false) - enable/disable using function strip_tags in articles content (if it is enabled you will lose all formatting in article content)
  • wordcount - (integer) amount of words in article content
  • readmore_button - (true/false) - enable/disable readmore button in article
  • readmore_text (string) - defines text in readmore button
  • anim_type - (top/bottom/opacity) - type of animation used for text
  • animation_speed - (integer) - defines animation speed in miliseconds
  • animation_interval - (integer) - defines interval between slides in miliseconds
  • autoanimation - (true/false) - defines if autoanimation is enabled
  • interface - (true/false) enable/disable prev/next buttons
  • interface_animation - (true/false) enable/disable animation of buttons when cursor is over/out of Image Show module
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