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Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
The Uganda Press

The Uganda Press

the Ugandapress is the leading online newspapers in uganda which lastest news and gossip throughout the world.

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Chrome Frame

Google Chrome Frame is a retort of Google company to Internet Explorer browser which is still widely popular, despite the fact that its rendering engine remains fallen behind other internet browsers. By applying this plug-in, users can benefit from Webkit engine capabilities and, at the same time, do not loose the opportunity of using Internet Explorer interface. To make this interesting solution work, an appropriate "meta name" has to be implemented into the head section of the visited page.

In accordance with that, our template contains an appropriate option in its settings that helps the user to switch the meta name in the head section, so that all IE users that have Google Chrome Frame plug-in installed will be able to see the web site along with all facilities offered by Webkit rendering engine.

To get know more about Google Chrome Frame, please visit: - the official Project’s web side containing the link to the plug-in. - more info about Google Chrome Frame for developers.

Template header

We can realize how important is the heading part of the main page. That is why, within this template, we have devoted out special attention to the template header in order to give to your disposition two types of it to be applied in the header:

  • Standard modules – within this mode you are given four regions which build up columns (header1-header4). Through this you can situate a couple of modules/graphics/movies side by side.
  • Image Show - within this template we have prepared a dedicated module version – Image Show. It combines graphics, article summary and the list of articles in one area.
To provide even wider variety of headers for your web site, you can use different types of headers in particular subpages thanks to ascribing modules to different subpages.



Joomla! Offers a possibility to overwrite not only module or component templates, but also standard CMS prompts. The prompts mentioned above are not so glamorous, so we have overwrote standard error pages, such as "404 Page not found" or "500 Internal Server Error", so as to make a template be coherent in any situation.

Additionally, we have also overwrote the prompt relevant to web's maintenance works. As a result, when browsing this mode, a user is going to see an aesthetic login script with their website's logo on it.

If you need to modify these templates, their XHTML code can be found in files as error.php (information about errors) and offline.php (web's maintenance works info) in the main template's folder. Files responsible for modeling these webs are CSS files that can be found in css/system/ folder.

Both webs above mentioned are independent websites which cannot be embedded with any modules or components.

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